Top 10 Important Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a Premium WordPress Theme

Are you looking for reasons why you should invest in a premium theme instead of using free themes? Do you want to learn how to make your website look professional?

In this post, we’re going to share with you the top 10 reasons why you need to invest in a premium WordPress theme, how much it will cost when you go for a premium theme, and what you should consider in purchasing a premium theme. 

Top 10 Important Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a Premium WordPress Theme

What Are Premium WordPress Themes? 

WordPress themes are the building blocks of any website. They’re the foundation upon which you build your site.

Premium WordPress Themes are designed specifically for website owners or webmasters who want to create professional websites. These premium themes come loaded with features that help you grow your blog faster than ever before.

Some of these premium WordPress themes include automatic SEO optimization, responsive design, custom widgets, social media integration, and many others.

If you’re looking for a simple theme, then go with a free WordPress theme. But if you’re looking for a powerful theme that helps you grow your website, then consider investing in a premium WordPress theme.

Why Do You Need to Invest in A Premium WordPress Theme?

1. Customization Options

Customization options are key when choosing a theme. Some themes offer tons of customization options, whereas others limit you to basic settings.

For example, some themes let you change the color scheme, add widgets, and set custom page layouts. Others give you limited control over these features.

If you’re looking for a theme that offers plenty of customization options, you’ll want to opt for a premium theme.

2. Improved Security

Security is another big benefit of investing in a premium theme. Most premium themes come with built-in security features such as anti-spam plugins, spam filters, malware protection, and more.

These security features protect your site against hackers and spammers. They also prevent any malicious code from infecting your site.

3. SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of running a successful website. However, most standard WordPress themes are incapable of optimizing your site for search engines.

This means that you won’t rank highly in Google searches. Instead, you’ll find yourself buried among thousands of competitors.

With premium WordPress themes, however, you can optimize your site for search engines without much effort.

4. Multiple Languages

Standard WordPress themes typically offer only English language versions. As a result, non-English speaking countries are left out.

Premium WordPress templates, on the other hand offer multiple languages. This means that you’ll be able to cater to international audiences.

5. Better User Experience

A better user experience means that your visitors enjoy using your site.

Standard WordPress themes tend to force visitors into a suboptimal browsing experience.

For example, they may use annoying popups or slow down page loading times.

Premium WordPress themes avoid these problems. They let you create a smooth browsing experience for your visitors.

6. Responsive Design

Responsive design is becoming increasingly popular among webmasters.

With responsive design, your site automatically adjusts its layout based on the device used to view it.

This makes your site easier to navigate across devices such as smartphones and tablets.

When you choose a premium theme, you’ll receive a fully responsive version of your site.

 7. Faster Loading Times

Speed is one of the biggest factors affecting whether users decide to stick around on your site or bounce off to another site.

When you install a premium theme, you’ll notice that pages load faster than they would using a standard theme. This is due to the fact that premium themes typically come preloaded with features that improve loading times.

For example, premium themes usually include caching systems that store frequently accessed data locally. This allows your site to load faster whenever the same information is requested again.

8. Advanced Features

Premium WordPress themes often include advanced features that aren’t found in free themes. For example, they may include social sharing buttons, contact form builders, and more.

Some premium themes even include eCommerce solutions that enable you to sell products directly from your site.

9. Support

Premium WordPress themes come loaded with customer service and technical support.

Most premium themes include live chat options that enable you to speak to a real person whenever you have questions.

Additionally, they usually include detailed documentation that walks you step-by-step through installing and configuring your theme.

10. Scalability

Scalability refers to the ability of your site to grow as your audience grows.

Free WordPress themes tend to have limited scalability.

That means that their size cannot be increased beyond a certain point.

Premium WordPress themes, however, are scalable.

This enables you to add unlimited pages, posts, and images to your site.

How Much Does a Premium WordPress Theme Typically Cost? 

WordPress themes are free, but premium themes cost anywhere from $50-$500 per theme. The price depends on features, design, number of pages, etc.

Premium themes usually include additional functionality, such as social media sharing buttons, custom widgets, and more. They’re great for businesses because they allow you to customize the site exactly how you want it.

The most expensive theme may be worth every penny because it offers features that no other theme does. But not everyone needs those extra bells and whistles. So how do you decide whether a premium theme is right for you?

Here are three questions to ask yourself when deciding between two or more premium WordPress themes:

  1. What type of site am I building? Do I need a multipurpose theme that works well across multiple types of sites? Or would I rather build a specific type of site (e.g., food blog)?
  2. Is this going to be a long-term project? Will I be updating the site frequently? Or will I only update it once per year?
  3. What are my budget constraints? Are there any limitations on how much I’m willing to spend?

Your answers to these 3 questions will dictate whether you are ready to purchase a premium WordPress theme. Otherwise, you should consider the free options.


If you’re looking to create a professional website, then you definitely need a premium WordPress theme.

But if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, then you can save money by choosing a free WordPress theme instead.

In either case, make sure to choose a quality theme. That way, you won’t regret your decision later on!

If you need help finding a good premium WordPress theme or in setting up your WordPress site in general, contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.


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