About Dig Designs

A harrowing tale of inspiration written in the third person totally not by the owner of the company. 

Meet Zack.

Hi, I'm Zack Ellington.

I can't help but smile when reading most "About" pages on websites written all fancy-like and in the third person...when I know that there's a 99% chance the owner of the company wrote it (or it's still the stock text from whatever theme they're using).

Instead of trying to impress you to death with fancy accomplishments, I'm going to write this page so that you can learn a little about myself and my company.

I was 7 years old when I bought a book on HTML using saved up birthday and Christmas money. The Internet and web development was truly a transformative concept for me. I could take an idea, create it, and then people from all over the world could share in that idea long after I had moved on to other projects.

Simply amazing. I devoured the HTML book and began building websites for every hobby I could geek out on. Some thought it was a phase. If only...

The frantic development of the web meant I had an ever-growing collection of new tools and tricks that were possible. From basic text-based pages styled with pages and the occasional animated GIF, the web soon was able to handle complex styling rules via CSS, remember data about you (but it wasn't scary then), and could change after the page had loaded thanks to Javascript.

But the tech stack wasn't the main draw for me...it was what this amazing technology allowed me to do. It was the connection to others that the internet facilitated. I could accomplish goals and bring value through my creations in a scalable way.

That's what I brought with me to Dig Designs. While I had been building websites for myself and others for just about my entire life, it wasn't until 2011 when I officially formed my first company, Ellington Marketing, LLC - later rebranded to Dig Designs.

What started as a passion, has grown into something larger than I could have ever dreamed. I get to help others understand and share ideas in the digital age.

- Zack

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